Can you believe these shoes were made from ocean trash?

 27 Sep, 2015  -  POSTED BY Liz Axel

There are so many different parts to this story that I love, I find it hard to know where to start. I have literally sat here for 5 minutes thinking – do I start with? No, how about this? No, because this is the part that…

So let me start, with the obvious choice – at the beginning.

Adidas and Parley for the Oceans have recently partnered up to create a pair of shoes primarily made up of recycled garbage found in the ocean. All of these materials were collected by The Sea Shepherd during their time in the coast off of West Africa following illegal poachers.

This is why I am so passionate to share this story with our followers because with one blog written about a pair of shoes, it is possible to get people talking about the many different issues that affect our oceans.

You have the obvious catch – the shoes are made predominantly of recycled materials. It is only the base that is not recyclable but this has been developed from a sustainable cushioning material.

You have the connection with Parley for the Oceans, a fantastic organisation that provides a space for creators, thinkers and leaders to come together and stop the destruction of the worlds oceans.

And you have the materials being sourced by The Sea Shepherd, a non-profit organisation who are truly on the front line fighting to save marine life from both illegal poachers and businesses who source marine life in an unsustainable manner.

To top it off, the shoes are quite trendy! I would love a pair but alas for now they are only a prototype. At least Adidas are putting a foot in the right direction (sorry but I had to throw it in at least once!) and while they have no plans at this point to sell this style of shoe they will be using recycled plastics in their shoes from the beginning of next year.