Introducing the newest arm of Vital Consult – Aboriginal Biodiversity Conservation

 3 Aug, 2016  -  POSTED BY Liz Axel

ABC Logo

Aboriginal Biodiversity Conservation (ABC) brings together Aboriginal people and their traditional ecological knowledge of land and sea country into the present conservation management framework. We are dedicated in placing Aboriginal people in the decision making process of protecting Aboriginal lands, conservation estate or cultural biodiversity asset at a local, regional, national or global scale.

Our Vision: Generational self-empowerment of Aboriginal people in “Looking after Country”.

Our Mission: On-Country Support for Traditional Owners in Protection and Management of Land and Sea Country

ABC specializes in developing and implementing Aboriginal land and sea management programs, within a Custodianship framework through 3 targeted programs – On-Country Rangers Program (for those aged 18+), Junior Ranger Program (13 – 18 age group) and the Ranger for Life Program (3 – 12 years old).

ABC also offers the following land and sea management services within and additional to its Ranger Programs: