Vital Consult becomes B Certified!

Certified B Corporations are leading a global movement to redefine success in business. Vital Consult has always, and always will, strive to be a leader in setting high standards for social and environmental performance. So when B Corp approached us to ask if we would consider becoming a ‘B Certified Corporation’ it didn’t take much investigation to see that our … Read More

The latest Global Reporting Initiative update and your business

The Global Reporting Initiative first launched in 1999 and have since been a commonly used way for compiling corporate reports that can be used by all organisations irrelevant of size, staff capacity, sector or location. Their framework for compiling reports have been used in over 2,500 businesses and while it initially adopted strongly in Europe only it has now become … Read More

I read the Aust. Fashion Review Audit so you don’t have too.

Every year, the Australian Fashion Review audit provides information for the public breaking down our favourite fashion brands. Companies are asked to provide information on their policies and procedures in checking that all levels of their supply chain are not exploiting workers by providing fair wages and safe working conditions.  Below are a list of businesses who achieved an overall A grade based … Read More