The latest Global Reporting Initiative update and your business

The Global Reporting Initiative first launched in 1999 and have since been a commonly used way for compiling corporate reports that can be used by all organisations irrelevant of size, staff capacity, sector or location. Their framework for compiling reports have been used in over 2,500 businesses and while it initially adopted strongly in Europe only it has now become more common n Australia as well.

In May 2013 the Global Reporting Initiative revised and updated their current reporting standards and released a new checklist under the heading of G4. This new framework goes further to really help organisations in producing reports regarding an organisations ethics and integrity, and gives organisations an opportunity to choose what the focus of their report needs to be.

The process is simple, you go through the forms filling in sections in relation to your business. The GRI then independently collate that data into a report and return it to you. You then have the ability to compare from the year before and track the progress of your business.

It’s great to see reporting heading further into the social and environmental sector and following the change that we are largely seeing across the board. The fact that this line of reporting is now emerging from a Internationally recognised reporting system as the Global Reporting Initiative really shows that the corporate sector is moving forward to a more social and environmentally concious space.

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